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Post  red6 on Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:28 pm

I am applying for Uni 36 and 37 though I do not have the current ranking on Uni 36 to qualify yet as I only started 2 weeks ago on that Uni. (already ranked in the top 3000)

1.) Being part of an alliance means more fun, helping protect each other, attacking with each other pretty much strength in numbers and enjoying the game and sometimes just talking.

2.) what I can offer the alliance is a strong player who is willing to help out and is always active. and I can add to the alliance by also being active on the forum and with other members.

3.) what I am looking for is kind of the same as questions 1, Fun, protecting, attacking, strenght in numbers, I know if accepted I can help this alliance become #1 and keep it.

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