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Post  Green_Re on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:26 am

I was reading applications and dont now what I can write more than it is already said, but:

1) What does being part of an alliance mean to you ?
First of all comunication, receiveing, giving and more. Its all point is where you are being part of something where all have same goals.
2) What can you offer the alliance should you be accepted ?
This is my first acc in .org, I had 2 accs in so I can say I have experience but we are all humans so there is always room for improvement. I always help how much I can, even giving ress to people in need.
3) What are you looking to get from this alliance should you be accepted ?
Psychicaly it is good weapon to know that you have strong people behind you, and to have fun of course (its the point of game after all).

Momentarily I am in alliance that Ive been from begining, but total lack of communication I feel like all alone so when I saw atmosphere here, I hope it is green light for app.

OGAME user name - Green_Reaper 38.718 (Rank 835 of 9.633)
Main Coordinates - Maraska 4:480:11
Country - Croatia


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