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Post  Peter on Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:26 am

OGAME user name - Peter
Main Coordinates - 3:128:11
Country - ZA

1) What does being part of an alliance mean to you ?
An alliance is the backbone for dominating the game. Without a strong active alliance, you cannot proceed in the game and ultimately you will be squashed like a bug. Therefore anyone serious about Ogame that do not want to become a farm for other players, must join an alliance that can backup the bark of its puppies or pittbulls, but it needs to have the common sense to only bark at opponents it can take.

2) What can you offer the alliance should you be accepted ?
Cunning, strategy and depending on the involvement of the current players, some active participation in making this alliance the number one alliance. As seen from the other two applicants, TheRipper and Blind Guardian, we are loyal to our alliance and will help where we can, as long as it does not mean sacrificing self preservation in the process, (but it can be compensated for, ie honeytrap).

3) What are you looking to get from this alliance should you be accepted ?
Friends with the same goals: domination of Uni36. If your goal is not to be the best at the game, then why waste the time to play it? I am also seeking revenge. (I know it is the way of the dark side, but who does not have a dark side?) Since joining Ogame last month, I've had some high ranking players flattening my colonies on numerous occasions, and time for payback is near. A few more upgrades and ships and they will DIE.


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