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Post  blinddope on Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:46 am

1) What does being part of an alliance mean to you ?
Safety, trade and wars. Mostly wars! i like well organise alliances that i can co-ordinate and strat with to make win wars and such the likes Smile - once all ur research and mines are done all that is left to do is win wars!
2) What can you offer the alliance should you be accepted ?
i am an excellent fleeter, my fleeting strat i beleive is unique and i will be willing to offer it to anyone who asks if invited to the alliance. its a strat that basically ensures that even if people have moons they will not be able to fleet crash you Smile - and im not talking about deploying and retracting. im talking about a strategy if cleanly executed that will allow you to raid whoever leaves resources defended by something you can beat no matter what their rank that you will be able to hit them and get away before they can organise a coutner attack on you.

im also a very active player, on most of the day as i work at a computer
3) What are you looking to get from this alliance should you be accepted ?
organisation with strong active players that want to dominate Smile

NB - i am part of AW in uni37, i knwo the rules, ranks and general organisation (if its the same which given forums i think it is) so i know that you can offer what im looking for and also know that i am what you are looking for Smile

play time gmt + 2, on from about 10am to 11pm
south africa


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