Lets Get Rolling

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Lets Get Rolling

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:46 pm


So heres my official app for the clan Very Happy
i just tried 2 apply ingame but i think app are closed.

InGame Name; KaoShing
Rank; 724 [just deleted 2 of my smalest colos.. pts went down]
Time Spent on uni36; About 2 months
Style; Vry Variant, Fleeter and miner/research

i can handle prty mutch any alliance spot exept for anything about diplomacy.. lol
i loose my temper quicly sometimes.. Twisted Evil
i would classify my ogame knowledge decent, ive been playing vry activly in uni26 for 7-8months
some will say i take oame 2mutch seriously..but its just me being stone and getting dee into the role playing..lmao so am not weird just having fun Wink


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Re: Lets Get Rolling

Post  gddawggg420 on Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:22 pm

Awesome. I think that youll fit in pretty good with us here. You do need to apply in game. I checked the apps and they are open so if you go ahead and put it in i will get you right in the family with us. Thanks for applying mate and welcome to the Abyss -dawg-

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